When it comes to new Park Homes, there is nothing more frustrating than outstanding after-sales issues. We feel that this should be a thing of the past and as a result, we offer two services to help with this problem.

Independent PDI Reports - We can supply detailed surveys and reports to either Park Home Manufacturers or Park Operators.

Our PDI reports are very comprehensive, this means that any faults, damage, or shortages are found in the first visit and are then detailed in our report. We will specify what materials are required to rectify any damage, list any shortages of internal fixtures and fittings, appliances or soft furnishings. We also estimate how long it will take to complete the after-sales issues, and the man hours required to do so. 

Our experienced engineers are specifically trained to spot after-sales issues, and we often see things that would normally go unnoticed.

Our reports can be especially useful to Park Operators who simply do not have the time to visit the home and carry out the PDI themselves, or those that would prefer an independent body to carry out the PDI on their behalf. 

We can also carry out PDI reports on behalf of Park Home Manufacturers, where a site visit may not be financially viable. This would prevent after-sales engineers travelling long distances only to find there was more work required than first anticipated. With our detailed reports Park Home Manufactures and their after-sales engineers would be able to accurately plan and prepare for such visits.


Independent After-Sales Repairs - This service can also benefit both the Park Home Manufacturer and the Park Operator.

Our engineers are able to carry out all aspects of after-sales work.

This can be especially useful to a Park Operator who needs to have a home ready for a customer led order in a timely manner.

We also work directly with Park Home Manufacturers to assist with their outstanding after-sales, during particularly busy times, or if the long journey isn't financially viable.


Generally both of the above services go hand in hand to create an all round after-sales solution. To find out more about or after-sales services please click here to obtain our contact details.